Historical Confirmation: Our State of Affairs

The world view battle continues as it has from the first generations.

The mighty noise of naturalism or evolution was birthed a long time ago. It all happened by itself — undirected from the amorphous start. If you follow the logical conclusions for this world view: we are getting better; we are getting smarter. In the meantime, we do what pleases us, and the boundaries for those things wander all over the ethical waterfront. In short, our children came from star dust and the primordial soup, their ancestors were less than human, and our newest generation is at the top of the heap because it is stronger and better — having evolved from a long line for a very long time. The origins of this world view go much farther back than Darwinian evolution, which is now the only thing presented in 99.9% of school textbooks.

The biblical world view has not changed. It is downright unpopular. We were created about 6000 years ago on day six — the sixth normal solar day from the beginning. The beginning itself was created by Eternal God. And, we were created in his image. The good thing lasted a very short time. He made us so well that we had full choice to obey or not, to get wisdom from him or not, and to choose whether would live to ourselves or our lives would involve the Creator. Adam and Eve decided poorly at the beginning, and every man, without exception, chooses the same thing. Our lineage goes back to the first two people and their covenant with God that was so good until sin entered the picture. None of this is a secret. The Bible is the most prolifically produced and distributed record in all of human history. Not many seem to believe it, but history demonstrates its truth.

History shows we cannot get it together. Even peace is rife with mistakes, but peace is increasingly hard to find.  Genocides are increasing. Slavery and human trafficking are at an all-time high. History shows some bright spots, and usually among nations or people groups or individuals that seem to embrace Christianity in fundamental ways. Otherwise, the news is not good. The world tells school children it is a good picture, but it is not. Color, cultural differences, economic differences, and beliefs in a variety of gods continue to exacerbate discord. In short, human kind wants to do its own thing, and the results are abysmal. Genetic advances prove that we are slowly degrading, as well. Long ages don’t even make sense to some genetic experts, who have said that we should be dead a hundred times over if the world is truly billions of years old.

Meanwhile, consider what we see: the utter complexity of the heavens, the predictability or orderliness of key laws, the absence of any processes that self-make key substances, the continuing discoveries of the complexities of life, the increasing proof that conception begins life, the continuation of kinds of things (in a biblical definition) that do not turn into something entirely different, and the increasing data sets on vast arrays of earth features. How can all of this be? Naturalism, which forbids God, has few answers, and the answers don’t make sense. It is believed that it all came about by itself…by faith: it had to happen from some sort of stellar start in some sort of ‘big bang’ (without any god or type of creator permitted).

God meant what he says when he repeats biblical themes: we are grossly inept at becoming like gods; we cannot manage ourselves from one generation to the next; our own ways generally fail. We need to turn, to repent, and to receive the saving power God’s Son and the indwelling of his Spirit, as promised in the Bible. In a huge mystery, God says he still wants a people, and waits to lavish his love on those who will come. It is the only solution to our precipitous fall from the original creation that he had recorded in what we know now as the first two chapters of Genesis.

Or, do you believe we are getting better by ourselves and history verifies it? I think not.


The subject matter of this post is part of a larger Bible study that can be downloaded freely on the cwm4him.org site under downloadable courses. Roland and Faylene Beard are writing and teaching biblical creation curriculum. The high school edition will be available to a group of Christian schools in the Philippines by the middle of 2019.

Picture credit: NASA

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