Ministry Galleries

Home Gallery

Since CHRISTWORKS is a home-based ministry; it is the focal point for project preparation, administration, development of files and reports, development of curriculum, and observing the heavens, and local training and helps. This gallery contains home-based activity pictures and pictures from regional trips to assist others.  Read More

4th Day Observing Site Gallery

This gallery includes our observing sketches and stories. Read More

 Project Gallery

This gallery contains pictures that are related to ongoing or past projects that are described on the Helps page. Titles on the folders are self-descriptive to provide the date, project, and subject matter. Other information on projects can be found in News or Helps or Reports (if reports have been developed). Read More

Teacher-Leader Gallery

This gallery is specifically designed for teachers and leaders that have received training from us to teach others to observe the heavens with their unaided eyes, binoculars, or telescopes. As they are learning and practicing to observe themselves, they gain confidence in their abilities to teach others. During this process, we encourage them to send us examples of their sketches that record their observations.

Parts of the curriculum we use to teach practical observing skills (including sketching) can be seen at this location. The Astronomical Observing from a Biblical View teaches a basic format to record observing periods; most sketches in the gallery follow the same format. This format also includes the discipline of thinking about the sketch and observation period, assigning a pertinent scripture, quoting the scripture, and including an author comment on the observation period. Read More

Student Gallery

This gallery contains sketches from observations by students (usually but not always children). When we train teachers, we usually set up a small contest to encourage students to learn to observe. Teachers, as they develop their students’ abilities to observe, sometimes send us their students’ observing forms and sketches. We post examples of student forms and sketches in this gallery. We also post the award winners for specific contests. In poor areas of the world, it is a very big deal for children to have their sketches where others can see them. On the rare occasions they (or their teachers and parents) will travel to a location that has internet access, they will be able to see their work posted on this site.

We also hold local training for parents and children. Some of their sketches are also posted in this gallery.

Folders are named according to the related project and time period.

Course Files Gallery

This gallery is unique compared to the other galleries because it contains more files than pictures. To support the training we conduct for teachers and leaders, we have developed files related to night sky observing (Astronomical Observing from a Biblical View), teaching business and relationships from a Biblical view, teaching practical guitar to lead worship, and educational hints and helps. As training files are developed that might be of benefit to others, we post them in this gallery for others to use. Several are still under construction since they are being developed from live presentations. The files are copyright protected; please check with us if you want to use them. Read More

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