From the Beginning: Male and Female…Marriage

The two little orphan girls asked for a glass of water. They really were not thirsty. They wanted to stay, but they also wanted to peek. As they poured their little cups from the container of filtered water, they silently turned and looked to their right through a little doorway to a tiny bedroom. You could see them thinking. “That is where Ma’am Faylene and Sir Roland sleep together.” Neither being husband and wife or grandpa and grandma were familiar to them, but they were drawn.

Three college girls sometimes visit. We love them. They are drawn to us as a couple. Two of the three come from broken relationships when they were little children. Sometimes they come alone; sometimes they come as a group. They sit and talk, smile and observe. We have encouraged them to stay close to their Creator and know His ways. We know, and have talked about it: they will most probably be married somewhere down the line. So, we speak of the wonder and fruitfulness of marriage when it is appropriate.

It has been this way from the beginning. Jesus references Genesis over and over again. While immensely popular, the story that we came from star dust and pond scum over eons is just that: a story. God’s plan from the beginning was the creation of male and female. He introduced the first female to the first male. He blessed them and commanded them to be fruitful.

Culture and the brokenness of mankind has history of doing some strange things, but anything away from the original purpose and intent of our Perfect Creator does not work and breeds destruction in the long run. Hardness of heart toward God, first, and toward fellow people, second, yields anomalies that injure the human spirit, whether they be simple unforgiveness toward someone, a broken marriage covenant, or a relationship deemed contrary to the pattern God set. But, there is hope. In Christ, the Master of untangling a mess, died and rose again to set men free.

Faylene and I, with a marriage “out of season” (late in life and not expected), having a history with previous marriages that were fruitful and in His pattern, have the privilege of doing it again. The rules are the same: stay engaged with our Creator. The pattern is the same — from the beginning. Fruitfulness is the same, too, whether the children be ours or those that visit us and peek into the little room, marveling at what it must be like to be a Mommy and a Daddy together.

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  1. Faylene do I need to continue to update every time I receive a message from the ministry. I don’t want to miss one but also don’t want Sir Roland asking who is this woman that keeps signing up every time I publish something. He has no ide how tech challenged I am 😀. Blessings to you both.
    In Yeshua

    • You don’t need to sign up but you may if you wish. You can look at the site, of course, any time you want. We are glad you read some of the posts.

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