Creation Study

A Study of God’s Creation filled with Purpose, Direction, and Consequence

Author:  Roland K. Beard III

  1. The Free Downloadable 27-Lesson Bible Study:

This 2013 study provides a basic study on biblical creation and compares it to the evolutionary/naturalistic view that dominates most education institutions and cultural beliefs. It is designed for students, parents, and teachers–especially where biblical-based materials are hard to get or too expensive.  Note:  See “2.” below for a 2020 version that is a full fledged 60-lesson course written for the high school and adult level.

The 27-chapter bible study is designed to be a weekly study for those 13 and older. You need access to a Bible to cover the material. The study answers questions often asked by people about where they come from, details of the Genesis Flood (or the flood of Noah), where fossils come from, the uniqueness of earth, whether aliens exist, and many other questions that are often on the minds of young people. Why not know the biblical answers and know why they make sense? Students will discover that the evolutionary world view is not as definite as typically represented.

Comparisons to these clashing world views (a biblical-view vs. naturalistic-view) with respect to history, the sciences, and how we general see the world around us are presented in the final chapters. For the record and as presented in the study: God wants us to investigate the world around us. The course is avidly pro-operational science, but origins (where everything came from) is an entirely different matter.

While the course is copyrighted, people may copy and pass it to others as needed, as long as it is free of charge.

2. 2020 biblical creation course, 60 Lesson, high school and adult level; available in paper, ebook, and cell phone APP

This course is expanded from the original bible study. It was also re-edited and the graphics were redone. Expanded chapters included important information about the Genesis Flood and key topics of special interest to young people with questions. Versions for purchase and that are free can be ordered or downloaded from links under the link below or by going to

Notes about the versions of the 2020 course:

  1. The paperback copy (currently sold for $18 US) is designed for school or home use, but is usable by adult groups. Proceeds are used to mitigate the development cost, conduct training, continue mission work.
  2. The ebook versions are priced ($2.99 US) substantially below equivalent course costs to enhance it’s use. It is available in several formats.
  3. The cell phone APP is FREE to reach developing nations, needy people, and nations without Christian resources. This version can be shared easily.

About the Author:

Roland Beard was trained as an engineer and worked as a systems and trends analyst for the US government for over 25 years, producing numerous documents and providing presentations on material to other agencies. Roland has taught bible topics and books for decades in various church and group settings, but especially those dealing with the Gospels, Acts, and the subject of biblical creation.

Other Training and Presentations on the Subject

Use the CONTACT US page to request training or presentations on this course. As finances and time allow, it will be gladly provided.


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