Care from the Highest Place but with Conditions

The light mist still lay at the bottom of the mountains. With eyes still blurry from sleep I could see the yellow and blue spots in the tall grass field behind the cabin. Finches and Indigo Buntings were having a feast on grass seed at the top of stalks still wet with dew. I counted the blur of colors and included them in the quick sketch.

I remembered: He sees more. He cares for those who follow Him, knowing that fear might enter their circumstances. He said that the hairs on disciples’ heads are counted, and He knows when one sparrow falls to the ground. Are not people, who call upon Him and acknowledge Him before men, of more value than the tiny birds, whom He also watches?

Too often the words are taken out of context. Jesus was speaking of a true reality in this world as long as it endures: fear Him more than anything that can only kill or judge on this earth (Matthew 11:28). This kind of reverence means that a disciple acknowledges God before men (Matthew 11:31-32) rather than be as a person who denies Him. Indeed, if a person thinks they find life, they lose it. On the other hand, if a person loses his life for Christ’s sake, then life is found (Matthew 11:39).

How serious is all this? He clearly states that He watches things carefully. It has been that way from the beginning. God cannot lie. He sees all. Therefore, find Him and follow Him at all costs. He cares for those who do and slays the fear of death. To know Him is truly eternal life (John 17:3). He paid a large price to make it possible for people to approach Him and find Him. That is the point of the Gospel.

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  1. Roland and Faylene. Thank you and bless you for your ministry.
    May I ask that you two lift me and family up in prayer, Buck went to
    Be with God last Sunday morning. It was not expected. Thank you
    Kindly. My heart is broken.


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