Artists Ignore and the Scientists Scoff

We get odd reactions as we teach observing skills from a biblical worldview. I have submitted observing sheets of the heavens in art venues but the observations are generally ignored. Some scientists look at them and scoff at the layouts. Isn’t it odd that observing the heavens with a biblical attitude and posture receives such an assortment of reactions? So let us look at one done on Christmas day in 2011:
We teach teachers and students to passionately record what they see in the heavens as best they can, because it is their Creator who made them! We tell them, “Show Him that you have paid attention to what He has done. Therefore, be as accurate as you can…list the time, date, and place of your observation…list your equipment details…title the observation and include the object’s name…set the surroundings of the observation so they are attractive but don’t take away from the created object…include one of God’s own verses that means something to you with respect to the observation…and sign the observation sheet.” A few might call it art; a few might call it scientific observing. If the person has done it correctly, it is an accurate representation of an object in the heavens that was observed but the observation is made with a passion to be accurate, respectful, and uplifting with respect to the Creator of the universe.

So how about this one? Note the stars around the object; they are accurately placed relative to the object. Note the change in the thickness of the dark lane down the center of the edge-on view of the galaxy; it is not an accidental slip of the pastel–it really does appear that way. Note where the object trails off at its outer reaches; it was recorded as accurately as I could given my abilities at the time, my equipment and the sky conditions).

In other words: observe God’s creation with an attitude of appreciation…recording accurately but including all the background data that shows the work of a real live observer. Some artists may ignore the approach and some scientists may scoff, but an artist or scientist that believes He made the universe will appreciate what you have done. And we will give you an “A”. We don’t care if you use your eyes or a binocular or a telescope. Whatever you use to observe an object in the heavens, do it to the best of your ability with the attitude and posture I have explained. You won’t regret it.

That is what we teach.

You can download Astronomical Observing from a Biblical View without charge at the site. Go to the File Gallery and hunt for the course title. At the end of the overview is a link to download the course. Fill in the short registration and you get the key to download the PDF version of the course. The downloads are by chapter. There is enough instruction and background along with exercises so a person with a binocular of new telescope can begin to observe with confidence if they work through the course.

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