Years of Grace

This time 43 years ago I was heading for a little place in the Virginia countryside called Oakleigh. Linda was trying to finish up her wedding dress, but was headed to the same place. marriage-3-smiling-afterWe were single but shortly would be married. It has been years of grace since that time. Some things around us have changed a lot, but God has not changed. Our bodies have aged and we have experienced life’s various trials, but God has not changed.

We affirm our love for each other and God’s most certain hand in our creation, our covenant, and our path down the road together. Even the ravages of her cancer, the culture’s slide away from the Biblical position of marriage, and our many personal sins, which He has forgiven as we have confessed them, do not damp this opportunity to encourage others to call out to our Lord and Savior. He can still be trusted to redeem and to forgive sins–no matter how slight or monumental they might be. We know this because He saved us, continues to save us, loves us, and continues to keep, guide, and direct our steps.

As we have walked, we have had a few opportunities to serve others. That has been our joy. Even in this day, as Biblical Christianity seems unpopular, politically incorrect, and outright opposed in many places, it does not damp or hinder the grace and mercy of God to beckon hearts to know Him. So as we sit this morning, thinking on these things, we are thankful.marriage-plus-4

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  1. May GOD bless you both on your anniversary, praying God will continually bless your ministry.

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