Where are the aliens?

I often get “alien” questions at our observing periods. So where are they? Do they exist? The answer from a biblical worldview is actually pretty simple: there are “alien” things because we are in a spiritual world, but they are a far cry from the media-soaked concepts of strange life from other parts of the universe. So from the Author of it all we actually have quite a bit of information about angels and demons, and they certainly are not fictitious. We, on the other hand, were created in His image and on His deliberately designed special planet. We mess up the same as the original man messed up, so some things are broken, that is why we need a Saviour. But if you are waiting for the advanced life from somewhere else, you are going to wait a real long time….only to find it is not there. Meanwhile, it might be more important to consider some deep heart issues. Those are not far away for most people. The questions about who He is and what He has made around us (including the heavens) is natural: we have a propensity to want to know what makes everything tick. He does.

The idea of multiple types of beings comes out of an evolutionary mind set (not a biblical one). If accidental life over eons of time was true, then life can come from anywhere. When the answers get too tough, then “great” thinkers have gone further: they propose multiple universes or realities. The farther the ideas get from God’s worldview (expressed in the scriptures), the farther afield the concepts get. It is a house of cards.


So, give that brain, which is getting all twisted up in knots trying to find strange life in the universe, a break. If you consider the Creator of it all and what He says about his earth and his creation, you can save yourself a lot of fruitless looking. In the meantime, you can search out the heavens, because they point to Him (Psalm 19:1-4). He is not the enemy of science, He is the master builder of the laws of universe Who wants us to discover.

This is precisely why we teach practical observing skills from a Biblical worldview.  It gets people started on a wonderful walk of discovery.

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  1. I enjoyed your message Roland. thank you.

    • Thanks very much. I was just out looking at the almost-full moon tonight as it was causing a multi-color halo in the nearby clouds. I wish I had more time tonight to look some more, but I have too much to do already. More discovery will have to wait another day.

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