Weeds Have Value?

2015-Farmer-Rain-2How can this be? Weeds have value?

If you have ever planted a garden or planted something as small as a good-sized pot, weeds have a way of appearing. Please notice the little photo of a newly planted row of turnip greens. Everything looks fine, but it is not. A few weeks later, the crab grass shoots begin to show up. Other little “pretty” two-leaf sprouts show up. All of these things are weeds.

With weeds comes toil. One has to go through the rows and get rid of them. You cannot just clip off the green parts. Crab grass is especially noted for deep roots that wind through clay. I have had to go down 12 inches and separate clay pieces to get the roots, and it still does not get all of them.

God says we live in a fallen world. Man is fallen; he tries to do good and fails; he tries to make peace and it does not last; he says he will conquer all evil but finds it is within his own loins. We need Jesus Christ. Once born again, now we can truly, by His grace and strength, see the weeds. When He gives us understanding to see them, we can ask Him to remove them. Then we keep asking. Then we find more weeds. Then we ask some more. It never stops. If a believer stops working on the”weeding,” they take hold in a bigger way. Over time the fruit gets choked and dies a slow death. That is the way it is. It is explained all over the Scriptures. It is addressed by example in people’s lives, by admonition about trials, and the list could go on.

So every time I have to weed or you have to weed a garden, or the garden of our soul, we get a reminder. As the sweat rolls off your body and your muscles ache from the work to remove the things that are a hindrance to good fruit, you remember that your soul needs that much work. Then you will be quicker to put an offending thing in your soul before the Master Gardener so He can address it.

Keep at it.

The first chapter of James is highly recommended.





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