Weeding Parable #2: The Weeds Don’t Stop So Keep Weeding

The little leaves of weeds seem so harmless but they are so numerous! Weed-2-new-weedI know what it is like to stand in the hot sun with sweat rolling down my face, wondering if I really want to continue removing these tiny weed seedlings as the growing season continues. Likewise, evil thoughts and imaginations are so numerous. In the heat of the daily events, do I really need to stop and remove each one….and keep doing it? The image shows a picture of a new weed that appeared in just a few days in our mature and producing garden. It’s such a small thing! Or is it?

Do you want continuing fruit? Want intimacy the Spirit of the Living God? Want relationships to be pure and without sin?  If the answer is “yes,” then don’t stop going to the Cross. Little tiny mind and heart sins, birthed by the enemy’s hand or resident in our own corrupted nature, demand action. The man or woman who stops “weeding” these things asks for trouble. Weeds grow without removal and lead to larger failure, but the greatest losses are the loss of intimacy with God and the erosion of healthy close relationships with others. Weed-2-weed-rootHere is the same plant with its roots uncovered, which showed an array of roots heading in many directions. The weed was going to grow fast if not caught.

Consider to general admonitions of so many of the small New Testament books that repeatedly cite the ongoing process of growth for believers. Most references (such as Galatians 5:16-26) are near admonitions to cease from sin. Ceasing means catching those weeds when they are apparent. Actions involve confession, changing direction, and getting faster at stopping the thoughts and actions that are contrary to godliness. The most obvious and stated types of sins have not changed, but they have gotten pumped up in intensity and ease of access with media-on-demand and cultural swings away from biblical standards. Do not be fooled: we are all subject to temptation and the personal need to weed….and keep weeding. Weeding will protect marriages, purify relationships, keep us honest with material things, reduce our anger, and make us more like Jesus. Don’t stop taking action.

Then, with Timothy, we can hear and participate and simple admonitions from Paul to love with purity and sincerity, growing in our faith and reflecting our Savior.


If you read this and are not a believer or cannot tell me you are born again, there is hope in Christ Jesus, who paid the price of your sin. If you call on His name, He will give you a new birth, forgive your sin, and place you on a new path. Then you, too, will be involved the the process I describe above, but God gives grace to the one who claims Him as Lord to undergo the process.

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