Weather Warning or Weather Blessing

Part of the culture of unbelief is manifest in a popular topic: the weather. It’s “mother-nature this” or “mother nature that.” The thin, magnificent, and relatively stable atmosphere, which is equivalent to the width of pencil mark on circle drawn on a piece of regular-sized paper, is viewed as “that’s just the way it is.”

Sorry. it’s not true. God oversees perfectly. He put the earth in motion at first; it was all good. But things happened in “our” first and continued disobedience. The earth and the heavens are not all “good” after that. You can download the Creation Study (it’s free) to see the biblical view of what happened. There is even a chapter pertaining to the weather. Nevertheless, it is still relatively common these days to disregard the Creator, or say he has much to do with something as common as weather.

So, before I give a real warning of something that might be coming, take a look at Amos 4, most of Isaiah 40, or Job 38 to get a taste of this God that is so ignored. He has not changed. Rain, storm, hail, or snow fall on the just and the unjust. So what do we do? Be wise. Be humble. Pray for his mercy. If disaster strikes, be prepared to keep yourself and your family in it. Further, help your neighbor if he needs it. And, whatever you do, give Him the credit due His name through it.Damage on Gulf Coast in Mississipi where Ministry Team Went

So why today? The subject got my interest again today as I saw the projected path of Hurricane Joaquin shift eastward as if it will go up the Chesapeake Bay in just a few days. It might. It might not. If it does, take my advice, believer, and be prepared. Use wisdom. A track of a major hurricane up the bay has not happened in a very very very long time. My wife and I made four mission trips to the Katrina area and saw what unprepared people suffer unnecessarily due to unpreparedness. We took the image that is above on one of trips.  We also so the blessings wrought by hundreds of believers and small organizations aimed at assisting others during and in the aftermath of the storm.

I don’t claim to be anyone special, but the Holy Spirit did speak to my heart a few years ago about a storm. Five days later the East Coast had its hands full.

Be wise. Be prepared.

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  1. I am glad that this service is in place. We must combat Evolution if we are to win the battle for the mind of today’s Man.
    Take a tip from the American Defence Forces’ priority in the modern warfare programme. They have a “Win the Hearts & Mind” mindset toward the perceived enemy.
    So must we to push back our enemy from the children ….. Satan!

    Peter D, NANANGO Australia

    • It is true that evolution needs to be refuted, but how it is refuted is more important. The general worldview of cultures is overwhelmingly evolution oriented, so some education must occur first that shows its foundations for what it is: a worldview that is believed through which other things are then interpretted. It cannot be proven using scientific techniques. No one was there. At the same time, the biblical worldview has to be presented but Genesis also cannot be proven in a classic scientific sense. As a believer, I want my evolutionist acquaintances to understand that a worldview can entirely change our conclusions about how things came to be and how we interpret many things we observe. When both worldviews (biblical and naturalistic) are seen together, the contrast becomes immediately apparent. All this has to be done with dignity and the Spirit of Christ because I seek to pursuade my evolutionist acquaintances about origins from a biblical worldview in much the same way and spirit that Paul presents Christ to the Athenians in Acts 17. They were steeped in decades of beliefs of gods that have no power or foundation, just like people today have believed a naturalistic worldview for decades, not realizing that it is a “house of cards.”

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