Was my brother born “gay”?

The short answer is this: He was born your brother.

Cultural trends may disagree, but the biblical world view from Genesis is that God created them “male and female”. Further, He forms the definition of the relationship generally intended for most people: marriage (Genesis 2:24). Jesus refers to Genesis in regard to this primary intended relationship (Matthew 19:4-5, for instance). There are numerous verses about sexual immorality of various kinds and sensuality. But at birth, we are male or female. Both Genesis 1 and 2 make it clear from the beginning.

So what happens that there seem to be other choices, or are they really choices? We have a myriad of sensitivities and each person’s sensitivities are different. They are affected by circumstances that can be both good and bad, and each person makes choices about their influence in thoughts and actions. Consider this: was Cain born a murderer? Not according to the conversation between God and Cain in Genesis 4:3-7, but he became one. Was David born an adulterer and then a murderer in his recorded history in the Bible, or did he make decisions that led to those roles? Psalm 51 and other parts of the record said he repented from those acts.

One can go further: if a man or woman in the covenant of marriage choose to be unfaithful, what happened? Were they born that way? Another man decides to molest his daughter or son. Was he born that way? If a man or woman spends a lot of time with pornographic materials, is he or she unfaithful in a covenant? Even if they are single and doing this, are they injuring or helping their soul? The Bible is pretty plain: these things hurt the soul. From birth, we go our own way (apart from God), and it leads to all sorts of problems.

The central theme of the God of the Bible is that a relationship with Him had always been intended, and relationships between a husband and wife were specially designed in that context for fruitfulness, a picture of love between Christ and church, and procreation. There is a big “BUT”, because sin entered the world through Adam, who proved faithless, and we have the same lineage. From the first two people, culture began to unravel. Prior to the Flood, the situation was bad enough so that whimsical choosing of women by men was the last straw before God said that is enough. After the Flood, language division imposed by God slowed the evil intentions of man separated from God, but man still had lots of potential to do and be evil. Sodom and Gomorrah shows again how the trends in an area or region can get pretty bad in sexual terms — bad enough for God to act, restrain, or even give the region over to their own devices. The result is not pretty.

These are all what we call “Genesis fundamentals” but the threads, evidence, and scenes describing what can happen are in many books of the Bible. The bottom line is simple: we don’t do well at anything as a race if our connection with the Living God remains broken. It follows that man makes bad choices and heads into relationships with sensual priorities that are both unbiblical and self-injure the soul. It also leads to people imposing those broken things on others (the source of trafficking human beings).

Many of these kinds of things, especially in a declining culture, are not easy to unravel, but they can be healed and set right over time. Christ is the answer to heal the primary relationship that is so critical — the one with Him. Others can get straightened out when that one is right, but it still can take time as misplaced affections, abuse, wrong choices over time can be deeply set. It takes walking and talking believers to help those with troubles.

All of this is not meant to be complicated. And, the wondrous thing about God is His mercy and lovingkindness for a struggling or injured soul. I would not be alive if He was not that way. I would not have been cleansed from my own sin if it had not been that way.

Let’s go back to the title, which is a paraphrase of a real question from a real person: The biblically based answer is this — Love your brother. He was not born “gay”. There is a solution, but it starts with a relationship with the Almighty through Jesus Christ…and a repentant heart. That goes for a host of types of sins that beset man separated from God. When the heart is right and undergoes healing, there is hope and peace. And, believers need to help the process.


Roland and Faylene teach biblical creation fundamentals using a bible-based curriculum that is for high school and adult levels. They reside in the Philippines half the time, where they work with teachers, staff, and children whom they love.

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