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The information below provides background for web site visitors that may be interested in assisting CHRISTWORKS MINISTRIES projects in terms of praying, giving, or going. If you want to by-pass this information and contribute to ministry projects directly, click here.


We always welcome prayer. If you would pray for our concerns, we would be delighted. Our practical and spiritual works require decisions all the time, so having direction from the Holy Spirit, whether through prayer, the scriptures, a direct leading, or circumstance, is helpful. People-related concerns are nearly always at the top of our prayer list, which includes ourselves, because keeping ourselves as well as making or encouraging others are fundamental. After this, practical needs (such as material and finances for project work) are important. We update prayer concerns periodically although the top items mentioned in the first paragraph stay constant. Thank you for your participation.


1. Edification, encouragement, and exhortation in personal relationships with Jesus Christ for key volunteers, board members, and the people in other ministries that we work with the most. If we are increasingly walking and abiding in Him, any ministry we do is more effective.

2. Fruitful contacts that lead to a relationship with other believers, who we can encourage and train to use their own homes, lifestyles, time, and money to do the work of the gospel. This is a key primary purpose that we hold before us. We want others to enter into our work or similar activity on their own. There is much work to be done.

2017 Project Needs:

Pray for believers, who we could train to begin doing some of the same things we have been doing, especially in relation to sharing Christ through sharing about biblical creation and observing the created heavens (the subjects of our two primary downloadable courses). We yearn to train more people have them go into their own neighborhoods and regions to  do this. This activity has proven (to us) to be an excellent way to share the gospel. And, the skills we teach in observing disciplines can last a lifetime. Many people are afraid to teach biblical creation or use it as a starting point to observe the universe, but God’s context for the Gospel is that he created all things to begin with. There was a real creation, a real fall, a real flood, a real need to salvation for our sins, and a real Christ, who is able to save us.

Pray for our work in with the Institute of Foundational Learning (IFL) in the Philippines. This is our primary mission location as we continue to develop relationships, work on school curriculum (biblical creation), and provide other staff helps. It is highly likely we will spend most of the next several years at IFL. The transition to make this our primary operational base, presuming it occurs, involves many steps.


Ministry funds are sufficient to be at IFL in the Philippines for 5 of the next 7 months. We are downsizing our US presence in the meantime and looking at a reduced base of US operation. While we began this ministry with our personal funds and can go back to that again, the needs we want to meet require a level of funds that we personally do not have–especially for disadvantaged groups overseas. If you wish to assist us, you can give online or send a check to CHRISTWORKS MINISTRIES.

As a matter of note, no money goes to salaries or significant physical facilities since we remain an all-volunteer organization that has low overhead. The aim is to help others rather than increase our “holdings”. We use our own home and property to base the ministry as long as we have a US base. Our courses and talks on our web site are free–we do not charge anything for them at the current time, but their development does involve costs.

If you wish to contribute gifts-in-kind for projects (items that would be sent to project locations if funds are available), then contact us for a more specific list of practical items that could be used. Items that are needed vary dramatically and change quickly. We are not always in the United States for facilitate the sending of supplies, but when we are, the FOREX boxes that we pack for the Philippines are $100 each to ship. Contributions help us send more boxes. Supplies tend to range from children’s clothes to staff supplies (including things we need for ministry work at IFL and Asia).


When we say “GO” we mean going yourself or possibly going with us. Several things, however, must be understood. As a matter of policy, we support indigenous mission work because we believe local people from an area are the best possible answers to practical and spiritual needs. With this in view, when we work with an indigenous ministry to disadvantaged people, we work alongside them and only with their invitation. For new groups or projects, we carefully pray about the needs of the indigenous group, discuss what we might be able to do with the leaders of the group, come to an understanding for a plan of action, and then proceed. Our projects require a personal relationship with the groups we help. We do not send money or material or go to assist people where we have not established a relationship. If we cannot love and trust each other in this manner, then a project is not possible. With this policy in view, the following information is important for people who want to “go”:

1. We do not consider taking people with us unless we get to know them, they agree with our purposes, they are committed Christians, and they abide by our standards of conduct. With this foundation, we must also verify that they have been exposed to overseas travel to areas where health hazards are present and they are familiar with working among different ethnic groups. If we get to know someone in our locale who has a heart to help the disadvantaged and they agree with these conditions, then we can provide guidance. If this is the direction you wish to go, please contact us.

2. Going with us is not the only option if you want to “GO”. We encourage other believers to prepare and train themselves to assist others. It begins at home where believers live and eventually expands to other places as God opens doors to assist other people outside their home. If the few of us in CHRISTWORKS can do the projects listed on the projects page after several years of experience near home, then others can do the same. A small church or group of believers can do even more but it takes patience and a process of learning for every individual. We have found that the Holy Spirit is very thorough as He has exposes us to different situations to teach us how to be a help to others. He can do the same for you, whether you are a part of CHRISTWORKS or not. We would be glad to talk with you or encourage you to establish your own pattern of good works using the strength of your relationship to Jesus Christ through your home, which is where it must begin. Please contact us for more information.

3. Going with another ministry organization that needs groups of people to go to disadvantaged people is also possible. We are generally home-based and our emphasis is to encourage individuals to help others but there are ministries that are much larger that have sizable practical projects for groups of people. We can recommend other organizations if you are interested. Even in this case, however, individual believers are of much greater value if they already have a practice helping others in the name of Jesus Christ in their own lives from their own homes. Please begin where you are. If you need ideas or want presentations about how you can do this, please contact us.


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