Two Parables about Christ in Christmas

A couple winters ago I wandered out the front yard on a cold still night. A gentle snow had fallen but the skies were clearing. Today I can still see the scene. When I got to the end of my driveway, I looked up and saw the constellation Orion sparkling above a tree laden with the light snow. I quickly sketched the scene. It was such a surprise–my mind was on other things and the day had been busy. I had not expected what I saw. The Christmas season is like that. The level of activity makes us blind to the reason for the season’s celebration. But if a heart is inclined to God, things happen that remind us about what is important.

When I saw the Orion constellation that night, it caused me to stop and consider God’s wonders. Reader, consider the birth of Jesus the same way: a wonder, a majestic event, a King’s birth with a humble covering. It is an event that is worth the pause, worth some thought, and worth some personal time with God. 


A second Christmas message and sketch story (centered around the Orion Nebula) are at this link:

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