Trifid in Color and Moon Glow

The Bully of the Night had already risen. With only four days since full moon, it was iffy to look at those grand sights in the southern skies, but we took a chance that the haze would not exacerbate the effects of the already-present moon glow. We had already chased a couple fuzzy wuzzies (globular clusters…as mentioned in the last post) but really wanted to see the Trifid.

So like a couple kids, we went for it like kids jumping a ditch that was too wide but hoping we would make it across instead of sliding into the mud and water. Aaahhh! We made it. The Trifid still yielded some nice color. The astro video camera, hooked to the Hyperstar lens that is attached to the front end of the optical tube, turns the Schmidt Cassegrain with the Hyperstar into a cheater’s  super refractor. The focal length is reduced by nearly 80% so the field is wide and plenty of light is collected. So even with washed out skies that were getting worse, the “chip” in the camera can “see” the difference from the background. My wife sat and enjoyed the view while I grabbed the scene on paper. The star field was washed out, but the major features were still observable.

It was a grand evening to give thanks. He made the earth special (to be inhabited), spread out heavens in such a way for us to see them with precise periodicity, made the atmosphere nearly transparent but protective so we can observe what He created on that 4th day of Creation. Yep. Fourth day. Nope…did not happen on its own. Yep…He is worthy of all praise and honor just as the verses say in Revelation.

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