Tree Racing Together

The title conjures up some images but this one is a little different. By the time Linda and I were observing the constellations of the south and decided to go for an object in the Scorpius constellation, we had to race the trees. That 15 degrees of sky motion per hour meant that tree branches would interfere with the line of sight to this pretty little object by just before 11 pm. Sure enough, about 10 minutes before the hour a black and blurry blob was entering the scene. The object faded within 10 minutes and our opportunity to study and sketch was over.

So it is with dealing with God. It is best to deal with the issue while you can. Predicting when life will end is hazardous at best, so how long does one drift through life before dealing with the topic? Other worries and anxieties enter the picture, too, that blur the questions about what life is all about–just like tree branches block the stars. Seeking after constant pleasures do something similar: they mask the important issues of life like the clouds over a moon. If time goes by, the questions gets masked or becomes unimportant. That’s too bad, because sometimes there isn’t another period of life where questions about God and His relationship to us gets serious consideration. Then its over. No more opportunity.

At least the signposts stay obvious. The stars, the earth’s magnificent features, the elaborate code written in our cells, the array of natural laws…they all are signposts for awhile. So my wife and I want to encourage our readers: don’t ignore them. The message of God is that He seeks to save that which is lost if they will listen and respond. He provided a Book that says it, His Son to authenticate words with actions, and His creation to point to Him. But time for each one is limited before there is no more — like the trees blocked the image of NGC 6357 so we had to stop.

Here are the two observing sheets, as far as we could develop them before the image was blocked:

20140814-LB-6357 20140814-NGC-6357


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