Those Common Things

God’s precise words in Genesis and numerous other Bible books, including the verse that is displayed in the lunar observation sheet below, highlight things we see all the time. Night and day as well as the choreographed dance of the sun and moon are ever present reminders of work of the Creator. Time is measured by their positions but there are many other effects. In the end, however, the fact that God established them is the most important point. These things were not established by chance over deep time. They were established by command, by direction from God, and not so long ago.


It’s interesting how the most common things to daily life are presently relegated to almost anything but a result of the Creator’s hand. But you must understand that the rotation of earth, it’s position relative to the sun, the moon’s position relative to earth, the size of these bodies, and their inherent characteristics are precise. Variations of any of them in a small measure would spell disaster to the ever-so-thin and fragile atmosphere of earth that permits us to live. So when we observe the night, or the day, or the sun, or the moon, think on it. How can this be so perfect? Are you among those that so quickly dispel the Creator’s hand and would rather make conjectures based on an undirected and unknown processes that cause all of this to be? Think again. Where is the all-powerful precisely-orchestrated process that does all this by itself? You will not find it. But if you are hungry, you can reach out to God, the Maker of these incredible things you see and perhaps even study.

So when I have the opportunity to observe the moon like it did a few days ago, I record the scene as usual, but I am also giving credit to my Lord and Saviour for the evening. I am not too cold or too hot. I can see the stars. I am able to breath fresh air. I can observe the setting and rising of stars, planets, the sun, and the moon….and He invites me to discover and learn about them. They speak of His power, glory, and attention. And, He has made a way for me or anyone else to get to know Him. The way is simple. Turn from your way to His. Call on His name with a whole heart and posture.

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