The Wonder of the Neighborhood — Creation Moments Under the Sky

The sultry summer nights in Virginia are typically 30+ degrees Centigrade, humid, and still. On occasion, however, a weak cold front passes by, dries out the air, and opens the sky. Last evening was one of those nights, so the “local neighborhood” Milky Way Galaxy was quite a sight. 20160710-trifidIn the first hour of the new day I quickly set up equipment to look at a favorite object, the Trifid Nebula, whose shape, dark lanes, color, and nearby star field make it a real gem in the Southern skies to study. The observing sheet shows an hour’s work to get a partial sketch. The object and the night were a reminder for me of the magnificent starry sights that God deliberately created and placed on Day 4, as recorded in the first chapter of Genesis 1.

The observable celestial sphere is without plausible naturalistic explanation. Neither its origin nor its sustainment make sense in a random, undirected, self-made universe that supposedly yields what we can observe. However, Psalm 19:1 and others speak of the heavens as representative of God’s glory, majesty, and power. They did not just happen; they were created, sized, and placed to show something of his attributes to us. The verse from Colossians at the top of the observing sheet reminds us that his work in the heavens is his doing for his purpose.

How can this be, one might ask? My wife often asks children about the heavens to stretch their hearts a bit by saying, “How big is your God?” So last night was as reminder of the question as well as the answers in those beautiful and fully accurate Bible verses. It was a good night to give thanks.

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  1. Roland, enjoy your drawings of the deep sky objects. I have observed the Trifid > M20 as well as the lagoon M8 in the same field of view, as well under higher power many times through my 10″ Dob. I have thought thousands of times about all the different objects God created on the forth day in the second heaven which we call space. Have wonder at the fall of man in the garden did this have any effect what we view today.

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