The Rescuing Creator

We had prayed for her several times. After a few times, we asked her to come visit us because we had been praying for her. Weeks later, when she finally came, she was already crying. We sat with her, gently talked to her, and prayed for her. We did not really do anything except show the love of God. God, on the other hand, showed her His love in a personal way. How can that be? Can God, if there is One, really relate to us? Can he really rescue us from turmoil? We have seen it happen again and again.

From the beginning, God wanted a people. How much? It was not enough to create a dynamic habitat, a celestial sphere around the special planet, and put His imprint on the first human beings. He gave them choice to regard Him and relate to Him or not. They did not; through the centuries, humankind generally does not. That gap with God is because of sin and is the reason why He sent His Son to rescue us. The Old Testament often speaks of His plan for a Savior. It all points to the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Savior.

The issue in the end is never about whether He has done enough to reach us. The issue is always whether we have responded to Him Who gives us life. When we do respond and ask Him (so to speak) to come in, He empowers us with His life. His motivation is love. Then believers, with the indwelling of that same Spirit of God, become more like Jesus. The process makes humble people the emissaries of the same love.

My wife and I have walked in a relationship with God for decades. The depth of that relationship with Him is not easy to put into words because it is far reaching. Yes, repentance or turning away from our own ways rather than His ways is necessary. Yes, there are some tough times that folks walk through, but life walked with Him is immeasurably fruitful. Further, it does not end. The good news of eternal life becomes more real as time passes.

What does this mean to you, the reader? John 3:16 is often spoken of as a key verse for the Gospel. He so loved that He gave. But the rest of the verse indicates the necessity to ask and receive Him — being prepared to walk with Him. That personal relationship is unmatchable and absolutely essential. We are broken people without solution if we are without Him. We have seen the impact of His work as we have witnessed young men and women, damaged or abandoned or alone, become refreshed and loved when they find Him. Have you found Him?

While the Creator of all things sustains the universe and gives life, He waits for those who will choose Him. He will not come again until the last one He has called comes in. The hard truth, however, is that most do not come. They want their own way. If you have not made a choice, we urge you to choose a relationship with Him. He still rescues in the midst of the worst of situations. If you have decided against Him, please reconsider.

Our presenting and teaching of biblical creation, which also entails the biblical story of man’s utter failures, presents the love of God, speaks of His pursuit of men, and what happens when decisions for or against their Creator occur. Today there is institutional disdain for the biblical view. We talk about that, too. Children are taught from elementary school that we came from star dust without God. Nothing is further from the truth. He is both Creator and Savior. Increasing scientific evidence demonstrates the complexities of His creation and history shows the failure of man to get any better, though the assertion is that we continue to evolve. One cannot disconnect the universe or the earth or people from the Creator without doing serious self damage. But His rescuing ability, even in the negative atmosphere of evolution and naturalism, is sure. He is able.


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