The Power of a Biblical Marriage Covenant

It is not a secret. Marriage between one woman and one man in a biblical worldview yields fruit and measurable peace. Statistics show it. Behavior shows it. People, even little people, are affected in a positive way when around it.

We see children all the time. Many are orphans. Sometimes we don’t say much, but they want to come. They look at pictures, draw, and talk. They sense the safety and openness of a confident biblical relationship.

In a recent school retreat with 50 or so sixth, 10th, and 12th graders, several came each day to say “hello”, get a hug, or make a comment about what we have said. They even do it in front of their friends — their peers. It is not just a sweet time, because we talk in plain terms. Who is on the throne? Where do we get our definition about where we came from and where we are going? Why do we exhibit and believe so strongly in our marriage covenant and follow biblical standards for relationships?

Yet, societal pressures are dramatically and rapidly changing that disapprove of a biblical world view of relationships. It is as if a madness is spreading so that young children, barely capable conceptualizing, are being introduced in “sweet” terms about choosing a gender or entertaining a variety of lifestyles clearly contrary to biblical truth. It increasingly takes place in schools, whose books and media change quickly. It takes place in entertainment media that visits the child while using a cell phone without guidance. When the exposure occurs, it is like taking a foreign substance at too young of an age. The damage is real over time and difficult to untangle in floating and changing ethical standards. A battle is in the making, but many older people seem unaffected or unmoved, which is the greatest danger, because their children and grandchildren can be among the first affected.

The power of the original biblical marriage covenant is unchanged from the beginning (the first chapters of Genesis). If you are in one, keep it…by His grace. Before God it is without shame and endorses a standard that affects those that might come to your door or sit at your table — like they come to our door and sit at our table. Be clear and biblical about other ideas that produce passion and sensuality but nothing else. If you seek a marriage covenant, seek the Author of that covenant first. Then, be patient. Keep your desires consistent with a biblical foundation. Single is single. Married is married. Don’t confuse the two. If you don’t understand these things or have made lots of mistakes, there is One who can untangle things over time and grants forgiveness. Ask Him, or someone who follows His ways from the heart.

I recommend the reading of the article linked below because it is clear about the recent trends and issues that are confronting the biblical world view of marriage and other supposed relationships. Creation Ministries International is not the only bible-based organization that has written about the subject, but it is a good example and gives some current pictures for what is happening. Do not be ignorant of what is occurring. God watches over the affairs of men and takes account of what we do or don’t do. Be sober. It may be yourself, friends, children or grandchildren who are at stake. And, your neighbors are affected by the same things.

What do they see in you or your relationships?

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  1. Well written, thank you

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