The Little Things

There is a story in John 9 about a man blind from birth. Jesus heals him but the man does not know Jesus and did not see him. The amazing story unfolds with a wealth of details and gets to a point where the man is thrust out of the synagogue buy religious rulers. They were bent out of shape because Jesus claimed to be God. Jesus hears of the man being tossed out and goes to find him. Thousands are following him at this point; healings happen all the time; he is on a path and mission that will end up at the cross. But, he seeks this healed man–one little man–and reveals himself to him. So it is with believers: they must be attentive to the little things, the harassed, and the things that sometimes require a change in course to our intended path or our “important” time.

I occasionally teach and preach.  I am writing curriculum for some Christian schools. I train people to observe the heavens. Those might seem like big things, but they are often not the most important ones.

These two little boys are special to me. Marc, on the left, asks me questions (and I ask him some, too) while I eat with him. Raffe (on the right) expects me to occasionally go with him to hear his coach talk about volleyball. Sometimes I alter events so I can sit with them over a meal (sometimes to make sure they eat their vegetables when their Mom is not there).

Sometimes I go to two-year-old’s birthday parties because they want me there. I stop my seemingly important writing of curriculum and go. These three walked back to the staff house after that party because they make (as I told them) such a good picture. The one on the left is a handful (parents know what I mean) but I love her dearly. She is raised by a single mom. The one in the center is caught in bureaucracy as (as far as I know) while the ministry in the Philippines seeks to find a way to get her settled in a home. So, she was like a temporary little daughter on my last trip. We became good friends. My staff friends were busy loving her in various ways the whole time I was there. I participated in little ways while I was there. The little girl on the right became her friend, so she sort-of became my friend, too. Such are the important little things that happen all the time.

The infant in the last image is the daughter of a couple I also love. The little girl helping her is Angel. She texts me quite often as we have become friends. One text said it all as she explained that I had helped her future. To this day I have no idea what I did, except to love her and encourage her  a wee little bit with a few words and hugs.

Such are the little things we are called to do when we are disciples.

Do them. By His grace and with faith, do them.

They make a difference.


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  1. Amen, I love how our Lord is about the little things that let us know He is intentionally personal and relational

  2. Such a good reminder, Roland. More often than not, it is truly the little acts of love that we overlook or think of as insignificant that are the foundational​ blocks upon which greater accomplishments can be built. I think the foundation of my inner being has quite a few blocks laid by you. Thank you.

  3. Mary Arlene M. Dumlao " Madol"

    Little things are normally ignored,because we are more focussed on big things which are easy to see, but God sees every little thing that we do, and He pays attention to it. That’s how clear the eyes of God are. Thank you Sir Roland!

    • Well said, Madol. We both look forward to seeing you. Some of those “small things” are coffee together…and an occasional meal…and all under the eyes of our Loving Lord.

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