The Hole That Cannot Be Filled

The last year of college was meant to be easy. A lighter load was planned with a schedule that permitted many trips to the Blue Ridge. I was nearly done with aerospace engineering. Most of the hard things were past and the nearby mountains beckoned. A year in a commune of sorts around my college life had only confirmed to me that we (humankind) did not have our act together. History confirmed it, too. It showed me a messed up world of human affairs. My science and engineering textbooks had no answers for why all the natural complexity existed in the midst of the messes we seemed so apt to produce. The whole matter drove me to the mountains. Perhaps a little solitude among the forested slopes would have an answer. The hole in me was like a gaping wound. The young high school boy, voted to most likely to succeed, was inwardly unsuccessful. College training only brought the issue into focus.

Decades later I still visit the Blue Ridge. A recent sketch at the local pass was my point of departure to the hills over 40 years earlier. There was a difference when the sketch was rendered a couple years ago, however. The hole in my soul had been filled.

The last year of school was the dawn of another day as my relationship with Jesus Christ began. I still remember the entrance of His peace. My many questions either got answered or overwhelmed with the introduction to my Maker. His very creation had drawn me — showing the contrast between His created works and the gaping hole in my heart that held all my unanswered questions. It drove me to Him in the early 1970s, and He has kept me ever since I asked Him to save me.

The impact of creation today is the same for many people. It draws them. Some find temporary relief in its beauty but often forget the bigger question: “How can it be?” Evolutionary or naturalistic thought tries to make sense of it, but the vast complexity of every natural sphere defies the explanation that it all happened by accident. Indeed, it is no accident. The workmanship of His hand, as broken as the world may seem to be, is undeniable. His creation has purpose and direction. We were meant to reach out to Him (Acts 17:26-27).

Now we teach biblical creation as the context to the Good News. Something happened at the beginning that made the sacrifice of Jesus Christ essential. He came to save those who are lost, like I was when I was young. We talk to young and old alike about the wonder of His hand, the plan He has for us to know Him, and how He forgives us of our sins, our wayward ways.  We share how He fills the hole in souls that cannot be filled any other way. The message has not changed. The Bible tells the story. His creation exhibits His hand and also shows our brokenness. He, alone, has the answer. His motivation toward us and the solution for our dilemmas, as declared in John 3:16, have not changed.

For more information, feel free to download the creation study from the <downloadable courses> page. That course, and a Bible to check the pertinent scriptures, can be a help to point you to the One who fills the unfillable hole in the human heart.

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