The Fear of the Lord in Observing the Moon?

20110506-macrobius-region‘Fear God? Who is he? Everyone knows nothing has changed for eons. Why look at the skies–see what has developed all by itself. Look at where we live. God is not a part of what we observe!’

While someone may not state things quite so bluntly, this is the prevailing public opinion. Furthermore, the view has become institutionalized: in school textbooks, in most universities, in many types of groups, and even on government funded scientific sites (like NASA). The scriptures, on the other hand, and many believing professional people would take issue with the concept of a self-developed universe…and the murky conditions that allegedly and extraordinarily produced the heavens, a special solar system, a special goo, then special cells, then our great great great grandfathers, and so on. If this were true, God should certainly not be feared, for His hand would not be required or involved. His alleged involvement in men’s affairs could be considered laughable.

So is the sketch of a piece of self-generated lunar landscape that came together all by itself? Or, is it the closest planetary example of the hand of God at work?

The scene is from the Western boundary of Mare Crisium. Just 40 years ago many people thought moon dust would be meters thick because the time period of billions of years would produce a thick layer of soft stuff. It turned out not be true. The great Mare Crisium, like the rest of the moon, has only a shallow layer of dust. The violence over the lunar surface (as evidenced by cratering), the shallow dust instead of meters of stuff from trillions of years in the past, and the perfect placement and motion of the moon relative to earth suggest something entirely different. The cratering, wall, and fissures show some incredible catastrophic forces were at work but then the rate of things happening is currently near zero. We see evidence of sudden catastrophe that seems frozen in time. The features are beautiful to observe. The light play from our earthly perspective is ever changing, making every observation unique. Here is another sketch of Mare Crisium from a couple years ago. The field of view was much wider and a similar view can be seen with most small telescopes at high magnification.

20090329-mare-crisiumThe moon, of course, has other effects. The seas respond to its gravitational pull…and get cleansed. The farmer can mark the seasons by the moon (if he wanted to).  But again, nearly any theory of the moon’s origin–even implausible ones–are touted. Anything, it seems, will be considered except pointing to the mighty meticulous hand of the Creator. Our moon is unique in many respects–too many and too perfect to be self-made out of nothing with no guide, no thought, and no plan.

So it comes back to this: do you fear God? I challenge the reader, who may not believe, to examine the radical nature of the scriptures that clearly point to the mighty hand of God to make earth as it is, to make the moon the ruler of the night along with its other benefits, and to make us as we are–not some descendent of a piece of mud charged with some magical conditions over billions of years. On the other hand, consider so many theories about origins and how they lack foundation in observable processes. Whenever the theories have problems, some catastrophe is introduced to make it more possible. It seems that anything but God would be considered!

So when you look at the moon or observe and study it as I do, consider that the hand of God–as stated in Genesis 1:14-19–might actually be true! God’s statement Job that point to heavens would then be serious–not some joke or some poetic fantasy.

“…so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him; for he knows how we were formed, he remembers we are but dust…Praise the Lord, all his heavenly hosts, you his servants that do his will…”

from Psalm 103:13,14,21


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