The Amazing Created Eye

The action of my eye on November 20 was incredibly amazing but not because I did something. It is because God did something special and reminded me of it.

That night I watched a wide swath of the heavens (called a wide field of view) after a short period of dark adaptation. I needed to detect the level and location of clouds, and the eyes do a wonderful job going from a bright environment to a dark one in a matter of minutes. A few more minutes and I could detect how much twinkling was occurring in stars near the horizon and then near zenith to check the stability of the atmosphere. I assessed conditions and aligned the telescope while watching the moon out of the corner of my eye. I tested my optics against the North Star by seeing if I could use averted vision while looking through an eyepiece to better detect the little star right next to it. I could. Then I changed my target to the moon and ran over the surface with an astro-video camera to find The Straight Wall. With astro-video I could “beam” the signal from the camera to a monitor, then to an inside monitor. With light in the house I could draw, but my eyes remained busy to adjust both monitor and laptop to make sure contrast and brightness stayed the very best during the observing session. My eyes, because the way they were created, made quick business of the task. While all this was happening, I could also use my eyes to develop my own observing sheet. Other attendees of the session who were watching on Night Skies Network were following the steps and the discussion so they could profit from the observing session also. They were watching the same scene since it was broadcast. When it was all done, I dark adapted again and took a breather before bed by watching the wide sky to see how many meteors I could detect. This uses yet another feature of our eyes that permits us to “see” things we are not really looking at (peripheral vision).

All of this is possible because of just a few of the amazing created features of our eyes. They have astounding dynamic ranges exceeding almost anything else on earth. Eye or sight functions and their connections to our brain are so complex but fast that we can interpret things quickly and accurately under day or night conditions. It is my God who did it, the same One that created the universe and wants us to observe His wonderful works in it. He did not need to experiment over deep time to do it. When he formed our kind on Day 6 of  creation, such things only took His command and a moment of the day. Yet, with His image pressed upon us, He encourages and beckons us to see His hand in the complexity of His creation. That, my friends, is my God.

My humble sketch of “The Wall” on the moon between two craters is below, but I would have to say that I was most thankful this particular night for the way He made me able to see.


For more detailed information on the human eye from a Biblical and scientific perspective, go to and enter <eye> into the search window. You can read for quite awhile about its created features that are truly amazing but often taken for granted or simply not known. It is a good day to give thanks for God’s wondrous works, beginning with how we see them.



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