The Lessons of Drought and Rain

Dare we read and believe verses that say God knows and uses the weather to get our attention so that we would return to Him? Consider this: The central California region, known as the San Joaquin Valley, is in the midst of severe drought. In 24-48 hours the region is expected … Continue reading

Hurricane Irene and God of Calm and Storm

Follow this link ( ) to a short article and pictures about our nearest “heavens” — atmospheric weather, which has a special place in an important conversation between Job and God. Contrary to the popular opinion that weather escapes God’s notice or has nothing to do with Him, this article presents the … Continue reading

Waning Moon After Dusk

Observers of the sky typically avoid observing in bad sky conditions. In a larger context, however, ‘bad’ conditions often show different kinds of scenes and unusual lighting. Very often, an ‘off’ night like this is a reminder of the magnificent water cycle and the characteristics of the atmosphere, which are specifically created … Continue reading

Clouds and the Moon: a Picture of the Water Cycle

Even outside a biblical world-view, it is statistically impossible to conjure up a set of processes and circumstances by chance that would yield the magnificence of a water-covered planet with a ribbon of atmosphere that is characterized by the life-giving water cycle. This particular sketch is an observation with a … Continue reading