Redeemed From the Beginning

How far does God reach for us? Were we known from the beginning? Can he rescue us? This weekend is the celebration of Easter, which is the traditional celebration or recognition of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The origin of event, however, took place before creation. Part of … Continue reading

Lunar Crater Parable: High Ground and the Light

Observing the moon is about light play on the surface. Every observation is dependent on the sunlight’s angle. The boundary of lunar day and night is called the terminator.  The observing principle is pretty simple: high ground gets exposed to light; low ground is in shadow. So when you look at … Continue reading

Lunar Eclipse a Harbinger?

Much of the Eastern Seaboard of the US was clouded over for the lunar eclipse on September 27, 2015. I happened to peruse a site of fellow astro-video users and found a series of photographs that recorded the event from La Pine, Oregon. We don’t normally sketch photographs, but several of … Continue reading