High in the Sky; Constant and Clear: the Beehive Cluster

Whether north or south of the equator, most people can see the Beehive Cluster shortly after sunset and high in the sky. Whether it is a poor poverty stricken neighborhood or a rich suburb of a modern city, it is the same. Whether the observer is  a doctor or a … Continue reading

M43–Hidden But Found

Some of most serious plights of man come from a loss or lack of identity. The Biblical perspective of a human being is unique: we were meant to be related to the Most High God, who created us, knew our unformed body before our time, and made a way for … Continue reading

Sun-Earth-Moon Motion and a Parable from the Inter-tidal Zone

Most of the posts deal directly with sky observing. Occasionally I will refer to a lesson that has its basis in the effects of the relative position and motion of the sun, earth, and moon. This most exquisite dance — a precision creation by Almighty God — causes the seasons … Continue reading

Fall, Front Passage, Clouds, and the Moon

Late fall on the Eastern Seaboard of the USA is marked by rapid front passages, quick changes in weather, and cloud formations that change just as quickly. It is also marked by wondrous color that marks the forests. This sketch was during one of those rapidly changing days. Sketching the … Continue reading