Prancing Fawns and Dancing Butterflies

We all came from soup. The soup became alive and developed into living things. Voila!! Deer and butterflies showed up along the way but stayed around while other things eventually yielded us. That is what so many “books” say. That is the story telling associated with evolution. Believe it? What if the … Continue reading

Dinosaurs and the Flood

Fascination with dinosaurs is common, even among children in the Philippines. Questions about when they existed, why we don’t see them, and what happened “back then” is a part of many conversations in which I have participated. Just a little dinner among some young men at the site of a Philippine … Continue reading

Creation and Children

Children’s lessons can often pack truth with simple exercises. Linda taught some Filipino children about creation and evolution. Just like her, she came up with an exercise so the little ones could think about it. They made a simple double-sided piece of paper on a stick. One side was the … Continue reading