Weather Warning or Weather Blessing

Part of the culture of unbelief is manifest in a popular topic: the weather. It’s “mother-nature this” or “mother nature that.” The thin, magnificent, and relatively stable atmosphere, which is equivalent to the width of pencil mark on circle drawn on a piece of regular-sized paper, is viewed as “that’s just … Continue reading

The Irony of Catastrophe

The sketch of the crescent moon at dawn on the 28th day of April shows a peaceful scene. It was the first day of the star gaze, where about 150 people were gathered to watch the evening skies with telescopes for 3 consecutive nights in French Camp, Mississippi. I woke … Continue reading

Walking Down the Valley and Thoughts of Japan

We do practical projects in CHRISTWORKS that come out of our faith in Jesus Christ. I still remember visiting a little church near New Orleans. They had been pretty much wiped out by Katrina and were in a race to get on their feet again. We helped a little bit. … Continue reading