Sense of Time in a Culture of Delusion

Came from nothing. Yes, we did. From explosion to soup to living goo … … to you. Billions and billions of years it took: one little piece at a time. It could be a child’s tune or a chant. In reality it is the dominant mantra of the day, and the … Continue reading

Jupiter Summoned Forth

We can easily watch the heavens from the safe made-to-be-inhabited earth, but what we observe in other solar system planets is ever so different. The other planets are hostile to life, although each one is beautiful in its own way. With planet information more voluminous than experts can digest, there is one thing for sure: each … Continue reading

Our 2012 Christmas Story

It’s a quiet home this Christmas after a tumultuous year of events. Some we expected. Some we did not. We bounced from shipping things overseas to friends to cancer treatment to mission trips to cancer treatments. What we remember most, however, is faces—faces of children, teachers, and friends in far-away … Continue reading