A Change in Relationship

From the Founder: I refer readers to the last 4 posts if there is any question that change was already in progress for this ministry. It is not a change in focus or function, but a refinement in where it will take place. I have explained the calling to the … Continue reading

Philippines Mission Trip: Mid-Term Report, Feb 2017

The link takes you to the February 15, 2017 mid-term report for the Philippine mission Trip to the Institute of Foundational Learning in Laguna: Mid report for PI6. There is much work remaining and probably always will be too much work to do for a given time period. There is not … Continue reading

Part I of the Box Story–Giving for Needs

With the gracious contributions of Linda’s friends following her death, CHRISTWORKS had sufficient funds in September to send over 20 large boxes (FOREX boxes are 20x23x17 inches) to our friends in the Philippines. Others contributed in October, so the potential box number went up. Volunteers (the picture shows most of them) helped … Continue reading