Sense of Time in a Culture of Delusion

Came from nothing. Yes, we did. From explosion to soup to living goo … … to you. Billions and billions of years it took: one little piece at a time. It could be a child’s tune or a chant. In reality it is the dominant mantra of the day, and the … Continue reading

The Year and the Year to Come

The mark of a new year often includes promises and celebration. While both of these activities are a reflection of tradition, neither one has sufficient impact to empower a person to look at the past in reality or the future with soberness. Neither one has the power to sooth the … Continue reading

Eyes of Green….dedicated to our Philippine friends

Dealing with disaster from a biblical perspective helps in this respect: we know we live in a fallen world. It’s broken. While creation shows incredible beauty and intricacy, it also shows that something is deadly wrong. So when disaster strikes, the question is often raised, “Why did this happen?”  Or, … Continue reading