Spring Evening in the Dead of Winter

It was a rare end of January with temperatures in the 60s during the day and the high 40s at night. With a clear evening and pleasant conditions with a high moon, it was an excellent time to get some “crater practice”. This morning I walked and found crokuses blooming. The news in the states is filled with exclamations of delight and fear about a warm winter. “Global Warmers” are out in force. In Eastern Europe the cold is killing the homeless. Their winter is way below normal.

It’s really not news. It happens. I am not speaking of the weather; I am speaking of our propensity to be swayed by what we see in front of us. Sometimes, the bigger picture is lost. So it is with the heavens….and the moon. Caught up with speculations of crazy events billions of years in the past…voila! We have a perfect spherical moon with a size and distance that makes it an endless object of curiosity. In the rush to discuss and study, it’s forgotten or simply not known that its birth was a creation moment. So here is one crater on the surface from yesterday’s false spring evening. The false Spring is also speculation. It is still winter; the seasons proceed like clockwork; time marches on, although it does so with a purpose and intent. The same Maker of the Moon is the Creator and Watcher of our souls. He is both Author of the Solar System, the heavens, and the weather. He uses them to get our attention.

Hope you enjoy the sketch. If you would like to read a related story on false and real Spring as well a false and real peace, try this link after the sketch:  http://christworksministries.org/false_spring_real_spring


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