Sky Emeralds in the Rough

The night was near perfect. No wind. No clouds. Equipment was working. Both of us wanted to observe part of God’s creation and sketch it. The choice was what we call “God’s Emerald” or M57 ( the Ring Nebula). It’s a popular object to observe, but live and in color it really gets your attention. So we sat for an hour or so and studied this little gem while putting our observations on paper. Linda is much faster at the process. She finished first, so here is her result:

So where did the heavens come from? Most institutions teach something like the Big Bang or some modification of it, but it does not meet the test. Self-organizing energies from an explosion don’t happen. Billions of years don’t help the chances of self organization to take place. As a matter of fact, time works against things getting organized. Deep time (really really long periods like billions of years) suggest less available energy rather than more as time progresses. That is certainly what experiments prove. So how did all this self organization happen through what we see and observe? And, the underlying assumption that is taught is this: the same processes yield life. All by itself!  Really? No-life to life by itself? It defies experimentation results, because classic experiments say it cannot happen. But the belief persists about non-life to life (chemical evolution) even if it does defy what we know. So why is this idea so entrenched? Without God in the picture, there is no other choice. Everything has to happen by itself–even if good experimental science says it cannot happen.

The second sketch is shown below. The scripture on the observing sheet is one of many that are very clear: God, who is eternal, created all things. Specifically, all things were created through His son, Jesus Christ. You see a poetic description of that in Proverbs 8:27-30 but the Hebrews verse on the observing sheet nails it.


So why the title “Emeralds in the Rough?” Because the two of us are just that: rough cut. We are just two of God’s children growing up a little bit. We are being adjusted, disciplined, and taught by the same Guy who made everything. Along this path it is a pleasant and growing discovery that God loves the least, which includes us. He patiently waits for anyone to turn to Him, then get to know Him as we walk through some short years. It is just the beginning. But we invite you, if you do not know Him, to find this out for yourself. It opens up the heavens…and the earth…and His love.

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