Redeemed From the Beginning

How far does God reach for us? Were we known from the beginning? Can he rescue us?

This weekend is the celebration of Easter, which is the traditional celebration or recognition of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The origin of event, however, took place before creation. Part of a little verse in 1 Peter says, “He was chosen before the creation of the world…” God made a plan in eternity to reach the unreachable, the sinner, the fallen, and the broken like me or anyone else through the ages.

Within his creation and time, we can see his signature is on the things he has created. Like a simple scene from the heavens that I watched and sketched a week ago, the expanse of the heavens point to him. As Psalm 19 states, they declare his glory.20160321 moon jupiterBecause we were created in his image, viewing the heavens draws out questions like “How can this be?” or “How do I fit in this?” A person can bury the question with some effort, but God wants us to consider it and places it deep within us.

Sometimes it is a little scene on earth that points to him, like the blooming of a single flower. My wife sketched one of those last year, but taking a picture or making a sketch is the only way to keep it beyond its brief life. It is only there for a short time then disappears. 20151001-LB-iris-drwngSo we see a little beauty but it passes quickly. Our lives are short like those of the flowers. So our hearts yearn to get connected to One who created it all, but the length of time to consider him is rather short.

The Bible provides a record of Christ’s life that led to the cross. The Record also includes details of His rising from the dead, which is the grand confirmation of the surety of the work of his sacrifice for us. God reached far to make sure that any of us can call on him and draw near. Redemption can occur no other way except through Christ. While no one  is excluded from the invitation to come, the chance to respond is limited like the life of the flower. So treating the invitation lightly, or burying it for a time, or avoiding it might not be wise. The One who redeems knows our life and opportunity to respond is brief.

So creation reminds us of God. In my example, the expanse of the heavens speaks of his power. Parts of his creation, like the flower, speak of the short life we have within that creation, when we can call upon him or ignore him. The record of his death, the empty tomb, and his repeated appearances after rising from the dead remind us of the depth and surety of his redemption if we choose to call on him. His redemption plan was birthed in eternity.

Do you know the surety and power of his redemption? If so, rejoice. If not, call upon him without delay.


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