Redeem and Secure

I had a quick movie in my head. I was on a pier where a jubilant group of people was dancing around a just-rescued drowning person. He had fallen into the sea and could not swim.

The rescuer was jumping up and down like everyone else. No one was paying attention to the pour soul that was saved. He was laying on his back where he had been dragged to safety, but he was barely breathing and water was in his lungs. His being redeemed from the sea was not enough to sustain life. He needed quick attention to secure the life that was barely hanging on. I did not see the end of the movie, but I knew what would happen if the saved person was not helped.

The work of Jesus Christ to redeem a person is done in an instant. He paid a high price for an individual’s salvation. But Christ also sent the Holy Spirit to do one thing: secure that precious salvation. God knows we bring baggage to the table when He redeems us. Repentance of sins is good; He forgives us. The work of salvation, however, doe not stop there. He proceeds to untangle the life, clean up the mess within us, and secure our foundation as we walk forward with Him. The process never stops, but many a decision has ended badly because the securing process was not embraced. If you are new to the faith, let Him work.

Believers play a part also. If a new believer is present, we can help and cooperate with the Spirit of God to secure and stabilize the life of the new precious child of God. Ignoring the ongoing work of salvation in ourselves and others results in all sorts of issues that all stem from the lack surrender to the process He wants to do.

Let Him secure your life. Surrender to Him as you walk forward. His fellowship is intended to be that close and that personally thorough. Do you doubt it? What are the most common exhortations of the latter books of Bible? Do they not encourage this process? If it is not occurring, something is already wrong.

If you are alone, read this, and have no one to encourage you about the life of peace He brings to those who walk with Him, contact us.


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