Questions on Creation

I had question after question on biblical creation from children on my last visit to the Philippines. Since I have returned, it is the same.

I have had people in the US stand around telescopes and I heard the same questions. A week ago I had impromptu observing with children and another session with 100 adults in the Philippines. Most saw Saturn for the first time. But the real blessing is explaining the wonder of what they have seen, where they are in this excellent placement near the Sun, and why this earth was made to be inhabited. 

Whether people look skyward or to the earth around them, they are often baffled at the complexity, the detailed array, and the immensity of parts of creation. So was I in the early 70s of the last century as I looked for satisfactory answers as to why things were the way they were. No books I read had a good answer, or at least not a convincing one. Then I was introduced to the Creator. Christ came in the heart that was without an answer to much of anything.

Over 40 years later I am answering similar questions, only now I have seen Him work in lives around me as well as mine. I have seen His work in the heavens and a multitude of other places. The more scientific data there is, the more that genetic information comes to light, the more I see the underpinning of God as well as the foolishness of suggesting that it all came about by itself without direction.

By God’s grace a curriculum on biblical creation is nearing completion that can be used by different groups and some schools in the future. The wonder of what I see or study has not lessened. Whether the resounding words of Genesis 1/2, John 1, Hebrews 1, the Prophets, Job, or the Psalms are read, the written words shout and data confirms the wonder of His hand.

I am thankful.

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