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The table below summarizes our major projects since we formed this organization. It is periodically updated since projects change in scope and level of activity. If you have questions on particular projects, please contact us.

At the present time our primary project is in the Philippines with the Institute of Foundational Learning. This school, church, children homes, and outreach touch many people. It is a Philippine organization that is always in need and needs helps that we can supply. So, it has become our overseas home and primary ongoing project.

The table listing is in alphabetical order.

Last update:  June 2019

All Nations Int. Helps – active

Trips to this Arizona-based ministry has people we have counted as friends for decades. Our contact with them has become more limited, but they still provide helpful services to us, we respect their work, and we keep contact with them when we can. They concentrate on practical and spiritual helps with disadvantaged people groups around the world and direct a large Isaiah 58-based ministry in Southwest US. We still visit our friends when possible and mutually encourage each other.

Astronomical Observing from a Biblical View (AOBV) – active

This project is the use of a curriculum on practical astronomical observing from a Biblical point of view (including creation as described in Genesis and various other scriptures). We use this as an outreach tool but also as educational training for disadvantaged groups – especially for teachers/children who do not have access to science materials and equipment. The curriculum, which is downloadable for free from this site, teaches practical observing skills, use of equipment and technical sketching to record observations. Kits and instruction are provided disadvantaged groups and ministries. Information on the course and related training that is offered can be located here.

Chinese Church – inactive

Around 2004 we were asked to assist at a local Chinese church in Charlottesville VA. We culminated our formal relationship with them in 2017 as they do not need our assistance. We count many of them as our close friends as they continue to minister in a university community and region in Central Virginia. We still visit them on occasion.

Food Distribution –completed

Food distribution to the poor and needy started over 15 years ago, peaked in the late 1990s, and decreased until it was stopped in late 2008. The experience was invaluable since much disaster relief efforts include tasks that are very similar.

Haiti Project –completed

This project began by assisting another US ministry by provide medical assistance to a Haitian church and other Haitian areas before 2010. We provided seminars on that trip and helped a medical clinic. While our work on this project has ceased, we still refer interested parties to other ministries doing good work in Haiti. Our work was before the last huge earthquake but many Haitian needs have not changed.

Home School Support Group –completed

Functions include a variety of educational helps as we worked with children with special needs. Work from our Crozet base began over 15 years ago and peaked in 2002-2003. We no longer have this function from our home base, and our home base in the US is administrative in nature while our overseas projects have taken the forefront. However, we continue to be actively involved in various education-related services in the Philippines.

Katrina Assistance Project –completed

We assisted a SW Alabama church in emergency relief work and assisted a medical team directed by All Nations representatives in the New Orleans and Biloxi area. While the project has closed, the experience served to influence our more recent work in the Philippines. The work in the Philippines often includes outreach due to typhoon or volcano damage, so the Katrina experience along with other disaster helps from the 1990s has helped shape our first work in the Philippines.

Kings Outreach Project – completed

We have known the directors to Kings Outreach (Jamie and Diane) for over 20 years but worked with them for a three-year period (2013-2016). They have welcomed us to participate alongside their ministry functions and provided us a place to stay during the course of our project with them. We participated in their activities and repaired a cottage that we stayed in.

Uganda Project with N.E.E.P.U – completed

This was an extensive project that assisted a Ugandan ministry that helped a small village and school in rural Western Uganda. We provided funds, helped establish a farm, sent a container of education/farm materials and encouraged our friends. Training was provided to young people, teachers, and leaders. Teaching and preaching in local churches was also provided when requested. As this project was drawn to a close, the Philippine project began.

Pine Ridge –completed

As a result of Spring 2009 visits, CWM has provided some quilting machines to help a co-op being sponsored by the 555 ministry that has a mixture of practical and Christian helps to the Lakota Sioux Native Americans on the Pine Ridge reservation. We revisited the ministry twice to see how things were doing and provide some presentations to a local youth group.

Philippines – active

This project began in late 2009 with interaction with a Christian ministry that has over hundred schools. We visited Institute for Foundational Learning several times to conduct training and transfer kits of equipment for schools and ministries to use regarding AOBV. Much of our more recent effort has been to train and write curriculum biblical creation. This one of the primary reasons we developed the Creation Study, which can be downloaded from this site (along with the AOBV course), which is now being completed in the form of school curriculum for the high school level. An elementary version is beginning. We also consider our IFL friends as family as we have grown close to many of the staff and children. We are called to be with them for the next several years. You can see detail in the REPORTS section of the site. IFL is now our physical and church home most of each year.


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