Prancing Fawns and Dancing Butterflies

We all came from soup. The soup became alive and developed into living things. Voila!! Deer and butterflies showed up along the way but stayed around while other things eventually yielded us. That is what so many “books” say. That is the story telling associated with evolution. Believe it? What if the truth is radically different and the world-view that is so popular deletes the critical beginning assumption of God? The unworkable substitute, when no God is permitted, is that the random or chance occurrences of things over deep time (billions of years) yielded everything we see. If this is the case, the prancing fawns and dancing butterflies are related as we are related, because we came from the same soup mix. The ingredients and the cooking process were, in this scheme, undirected.

Consider the prancing fawns. There is a “kind”, which is a biblical division from Genesis and is somewhat like a “genus” in todays terms, that is defined by the Creator. The boundaries are fixed for this kind, and speciation takes many forms, but the results are the same “kind”. Dogs look a lot different, which is another common “kind”, but they are genetically closely related. In most cases, they can reproduce yet look very much different. Prancing fawns in the NE US could be antelope in the West or Gazelles on another continent. The young ones usually have similar characteristics. Most of then prance and leap–activities that are truly fun to watch.

Butterflies are another kind and so entirely different. At the beginning God designed and created the kind. You can look at books on these flying creatures and stand amazed at colors, shapes, and flight characteristics. But they are still butterflies, have a most interesting early stage of life, and a very unique transformation to get to adulthood. I find groups of them at certain times of the year and in certain places, like the image shows. I have a special fascination for these creatures as I appreciate low-speed aerodynamics (I was an aerospace engineer when much younger).

So, God set up “kinds” from the beginning. Speciation can yield, because of the unique coding of information at the tiny level, most interesting variations, but there is no new information and no evolutionary development to something entirely different.

And us? God says we were created male and female from the beginning. We were the crown of the creation week. We did not come from soup, or monkeys, or apes, or anything else. That is what he says. That is what the evidence says.

So, rejoice. Your distant relatives in the past were still people. Even the genealogy is recorded in the Bible. You did not come from re-arranged and energized star dust. The magnificence and complexity of the universe, the earth, and people were planned from the beginning. Perhaps, then, you will reach out to Him. That was also His intention from the beginning. The Bible says it over and over that we can, but also includes more information about why things are the way they are, why bad things are so evident, and the solution our souls needs because of our separation from the Creator. The Grand Scheme is often called myth, but it is fact. It cannot be altered any more than kinds (His created “kinds”) can cross over and become something else.

I so love science among young people. To teach discovery, measurement, methods of observation are the precursor to many young ones becoming dedicated observers, scientists, and engineers. God wants that. These things involve good, healthy, rigorous empirical work. However, when it comes to origins, do not be so quick to buy the conjectures about beginnings, unless you seriously think your identity was developed by chance over deep time–all but itself. I am here to tell you that it is not true. The story may be popular and loudly broadcast, but it is not true. It is only a conjecture from a world view that ignores the magnificent work of the Creator.

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  1. While with Grace’s family in Montana, we visited a museum full of dinosaurs, excavation work, and interesting theories about how it all came to be. The children were fascinated! There were signs explaining that the explanations were based on observation and theory. It also said their theories could be wrong.
    I like the way you share about creation!

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