Philippines Mission Trip: Mid-Term Report, Feb 2017

The link takes you to the February 15, 2017 mid-term report for the Philippine mission Trip to the Institute of Foundational Learning in Laguna: Mid report for PI6. There is much work remaining and probably always will be too much work to do for a given time period. There is not a day that I do not interact with big and little people, and those interactions are probably as important than anything I can do (by God’s grace). Meanwhile, writing and meetings continue toward the goal of producing a biblical creation curriculum for IFL schools that also compares the naturalistic view of the world, provides criteria to observe things around us, and explains why a biblical view is so important.

The image, one of several in the report, is from a regional IFL competition, where children do interpretive dance.

Roland Beard



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  1. Looking forward to meeting you at the IFL in Laguna, Philippines.

    • Looking forward to meeting you also. I have hopes that the PCN will have success sharing and defending the biblical world view, which is the common ground that brings us together.

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