Never Too Late

Have you ever thought like this: “It is too late for me.”

It is not uncommon. The thoughts that follow are like these: My life is too messed up. There is too much sin. There are too many mistakes. There are too many broken relationships and too much damage. It is what it is, and I cannot change it.

20151204-helix-nebThis parable of the skies centers around this situation. When I observed the Helix Nebula, it was too low in the sky. The low atmosphere was too full of haze. I had started too late. I focused on it against common sense. The object was surprisingly beautiful. I remembered a verse, so I put it on the observing sheet. The last words of the verse are repeated after numerous other verses in the same psalm. “His love endures forever.” I give up and conclude it is too late in situations, but God does not.

Consider a dramatic scene on the same subject in the Bible. The thieves on the cross both hailed insults at Jesus, Who was dying between them. They joined the crowd of passers-by as they jeered him. It was too late for either one to change. Life was over. Or was it? [Matthew 27:38-44]

One repented, changed his tune, and spoke differently at the very end. He asked to be remembered by Jesus, and Jesus responded. [Luke 23:39-43]

Have a habit too deep for God to clean? Have so much depression that you cannot see straight? Does death seem kind in light of your circumstance? Is loneliness burying you? Is your hatred and what you have done to others too much to bear? It is not too late to call on the One that hung between those two thieves, because His love endures forever. I will pray with you if no one else will. It has seemed like it has been too late many times for me, too, but it has never proven too late for Him.

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  1. Myra Gaculais del Rosario

    Amen, Amen, Amen!

  2. Have observed NGC 7293 many times over the Years. Yes I have tried to look at objects in God’s creation, but as the earth spins on its axis carrying me eastward, either trees move in front of the object or to much atmosphere to look through. I waited to late or did not have the patience to wait. PS 73:28

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