Mars and Aliens

Let’s go find aliens!!

A few decades ago, the fever to find aliens on Mars reached its peak. Plenty of movies and science fiction writings fueled the fever. None were found.

This last April was a banner month to look at Mars, since it was fairly close to us and bright in the midevening sky. While I am no expert at recording planets, it was fun to go after it with an astro video camera in place of an eyepiece on an 8 inch scope. So the observing occurred by running the camera’s composite signal from the telescope to a 14 inch monitor in our home. The observing sheet sheet is below. The slightly whitish areas on the surface were actually brighter orange, but I had trouble laying down more orange with my pastels. Take a look for yourself. Then we will talk about ALIENS!


The quest for alien life continues unabated. Now the fever spreads to galaxies and strange places far away in outer space. There are some real time travel issues, but they get lost in the shuffle. After years of looking for electronic signatures of alien life, none have been heard. You must realize, however, that aliens HAVE to be out there from an evolutionary world view. After all, earth is not special; we all evolved from the same accidental occurrences of life in the universe; complexity and transitions of non-life to life all happen on their own. Sounds a bit over-simplified, but when you take a way the fancy talk, these MUST be true from an evolutionary view point. It is a conjecture about origins that is fully developed as a world view. It is held to by faith: it is a religiously held position by the majority of people.

On the other hand, there is clear historical evidence from the One who made the universe and ensured that the appropriate details were included in His book. It is also a fully developed world view that is held to by faith, but it is certainly not accidental. There are quite a few scientists and engineers that hold this view. They appreciate the wonderful laws of the heavens that have been created and put in place. They are also passionate about scientific endeavors. Here are a few among many Biblical references they hold true:

Genesis 1 and 2  Creation. In particular, note 1:27, where God specifically makes man in His image. Among living things, none have this specific definition. The definition is not ours; it’s God’s.

Proverbs 8:30-31. God makes reference to being delighted in mankind’s creation. Coupled with some verses at the beginning of John and Hebrews, you know that Jesus Christ is the Master Craftsman of earth as well as the rest of the universe.

Isaiah 45:18. Earth was CREATED to be inhabited by (guess who?) mankind. That is earth’s purpose. It is the platform on which we decide God is telling us the truth or not. And, it is where we choose to reach out to Him or not.

Romans 8:22  All creation (everything in the universe) groans in anticipation for the people who believe in God to be revealed in an eteral sense. The current universe is bounded and temporary.

So about ALIENS:  they won’t be found. No ET. No visits from intelligence life that originates from the far galaxies. It won’t happen. Bank on it.

There are spirtual beings that are alien to us. Some of them are very unfriendly and against God. Jesus Christ dealt with them accordingly. Believers, through Him, can also deal with them. And, their are angelic beings. While alien in nature, they do not relate to the popular notion of ALIENS (that do not exist) that are believed to exist throughout the universe.

Need more? One (among many) helps is a creation study that you can freely download for free under the Files gallery and  Or, for an online search, try searching on the site. Holler if you have questions.

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