Marriage Among Three

I presented a 90-minute session on relationships for 75 teachers at a convention for a federation of Christian schools. It is an important issue in the Philippines like it is an important issue in other places. Because of situations arising among students and cultural changes suggesting the goodness of all sorts of relationships, difficulties among students are occurring at a notable increasing frequency. “What do we do if this happens or that happens?” Some of the thorny issues and questions showed up on slips of paper that we never had a chance to answer. If readers want a copy of the notes for the session, email me from the “contact us” page, where we reviewed the Bible’s treatment of relationships and answered a few questions.

However, this post is about the third and key member in a marriage between a man and a woman. In Genesis the Creator speaks of His original creation. The crown of His creation is man. The biblical world view, which my wife and I address in our training and a biblical creation curriculum, is the fundamental pillar for relationships, but it was always meant to involve God. Consider my general summary of the second chapter of Genesis:

The scene was full of wonder. The earth’s riches, foliage, the birds, the fish in the rivers, the animals great and small, and one man are mentioned. Only a brief reference to the conversations between God and the man were recorded, but we know the Creator’s assessment: the man did not have a helper fit for him.

The Creator was involved from the start of man’s walk. God had watched and heard the man name everything He brought to him. With that fellowship continuing, God states that the man should not be alone and that a suitable helper could not be found. Shortly after, He creates the woman from the rib of the man and personally brings her to him. After the man made his first observation and statement, Creator God defines marriage.

Therefore, the God-initiated covenant of marriage, is holy. It does not matter how much marriage is disdained or perverted, the Creator’s intention and definition of marriage, which includes His own involvement (unless we refuse Him in a personal or institutional way), remain unchanged. No court, no power, and no cultural tradition changes the clarity of the defined covenant and God’s real intention to be a part of it.

There is a problem, of course, which is sin. It mars, maims, and eventually destroys human beings and their relationships. The solution to sin, which is Jesus Christ in the heart of man, is also the solution to repairing or correcting relationships. That process often takes time and the support of believers. “In the end,” as I told the teachers, “most people will be married. What are you doing to encourage proper relationships to that end?” Marriage does not just involve a man and a woman. It was meant, from the beginning, to involve Creator God.

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