Mare Cognitum on the Lunar Surface

20090306-LB-moon-riphaeus-fThe Scene

Two objectives on the lunar surface that are around Mare Cognitum.

The Facts

An observing session where two people use the same equipment but sketch differently.

The Lesson

John 15:17 This is my command: Love each other.

1 Corinthians 13:4 Love is patient, love is kind.

Lessons from observing usually extend much farther than simply becoming more technically proficient. This is especially true for us when we sketch objects together. The observing period on March 6, 2009 reminded us of these famous scriptures, which are often easy to read but much more difficult to apply. In fact, without the grace and love of God, it would be impossible. So walking with Jesus gets personal quickly in a marriage – we have learned to call on Him or rely on Him. We don’t do this perfectly, of course, but our aim is right. Sometimes we call too late (having already been impatient or unkind), which means we begin our call with repentance. This particular late night we seemed to love each other successfully as we observed and sketched.

When we gaze at an astronomical scene together, we see it a bit differently and often choose a different approach. Linda saw the “face” but then first sketched some mountain ridges. I went to the crater Darney then to craters around it. But our areas of sketching were at the extreme edges of the field of view of the telescope. So we were running back and forth to adjust the telescope to keep both scenes in view. Then we were also huddled together in front of one small monitor (the video output from the telescope and video camera). So we frequently got in each others way. This requires some patient communication and sometimes a bit of a wait for each other. Each of us frequently disturbed the other to discuss our drawings or what we were seeing.

While it might seem simple to sketch together, it is not. If we don’t love each other through the process, it would be a disaster. In walking with God we have learned to have fewer disasters. This night was a pleasure and was a very good night to give thanks.

Roland and Linda

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