Make Every Effort?

What keeps you from doing something wrong? Maybe it’s the threat of punishment; maybe it’s conscience. What keeps you on a course for the future? And what future to you expect? Do those goals govern what you do and how you do it? You can see from current events and hardships around the world that there must be quite a disagreement about all this.

For the believer in Jesus Christ and even the inquisitive non-believer, there is a magnificent in-your-face parable, a picture of sureness that water holds the key place as the reminder to make every effort….to live a certain way. Water? That is correct.

20141101-fossilized-sand-riHere is an image of a piece of “frozen sand and mud” that formed a record. It is a simple piece of a ripple of sand and mud–fossilized rapidly by really big flood waters. How big? You can find these in hundreds of places around the world. This one came from a little area near the base of the cliff shown in the next image, but I have found them in many places. The problem is this: many locations that have these (like this one) are many thousands of feet above sea level and far from any sea.


See the cliffs in first image? Layers of sedimentary rock that show multiple layers–laid down by the violence of a huge flood, not some little trickle over millions of years but giant waters just a few thousand years ago. So whether you look at magnificent canyons around the planet, “chopped off” mountains in Utah or under the ocean, and dozens of similar things, they speak of a huge catastrophe that God uses to “suggest” MAKING EVERY EFFORT” to live life related to Him. Why?

Because He is absolutely just, perfect, and effective at oversight of the human race. He judged once, and one more is coming. That is the whole point of seeing why the evidence of the Genesis Flood is critical as an “in your face” reminder: “make every effort” to live rightly related to Him and live right. If you have a doubt about this, read the plain words of 2 Peter 3:3-7 about why flood evidence is so important. If you meander a little further and get to verse 14, the NIV version has this phrase, “make every effort.”

No wonder that flood evidence is vehemently denied mention in most educational institutions, why any interpretation of such things is allowed EXCEPT the one that God intended.

I was not born in a barn. I am an engineer. My job for many years was determining accuracy and truth for part of the US department of defense with respect to a certain discipline. I was tasked, in principle, to make sure assessments were in context, true, and accurate for my area of expertise. But, it was not always accepted. Let me tell you a story….I was at a large contractor location that did a lot of business with the US Army. In the course of giving them a report of some assessments, they professionally and forcefully disagreed. “This cannot be,” they said. “You don’t know what you are saying,” they said. “You have not looked at the right evidence,” they said. They even took me to a private room to make the point more directly. I held my ground, because I had thoroughly done my research. Years later it became readily apparent that what I said was accurate and true. Why did they miss it? Because they lived in a culture in the company that filtered (unwittingly) anything that did not agree with the program they believed in. It was a simple case of bias but on a large scale. Folks, for disbelievers in the Genesis Flood, you need to look again. Over three generations now have been taught some pretty grand conjectures about why earth’s topography is the way it is, but none, in my study of the topic, have a fraction of validity compared to what I have seen and touched with respect to the effects fo the Flood as described in Genesis. And, if the flood is true (I believe it), then the things you see around you are undeniably large reminders.

Those reminders are reminders to “make every effort” to be found spotless and and at peace with God. You cannot do that without knowing the Son. Read it. You are welcome to refuse, but the cost, in the end, will be very high.


Note: if you want to study the subject, consider downloading the free creation study under <downloadable courses>. Or, go to and have a look at some material and articles. Or, go to the Insitute of Creation Research. Or, a dozen other organizations around the world that “happen” to believe that what God said about what happened is real, and has pertinence today.


The earth speaks. It is the largest and grandest parable that God has provided.

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