Lydia’s Gift

I have known Lydia since she was very young. My late wife and I were both close to her as she grew. Her Mom and Dad have been our friends for years, and our love for Christ is what birthed the relationship. Last night I went to visit them. We ate together and had good fellowship. I told them about my Philippines mission trip. It was a special time, because we love each other. Lydia and her Mom were close to Linda, and both had a little trouble working through Linda’s death last August. The picture was taken a year or so before that.

They also know that I may spend a lot of time overseas in the future, so my contact with them may become much more limited. So it was a tender evening as well.

Lydia is among a growing list of “daughters” whom I love. I check up on her, like I did last night. She told me of a few struggles, so I had a chance to talk and pray with her. The time was precious.

Then, she surprised me with a poem. While working through Linda’s death, she had an assignment and wrote a poem about Linda that had helped her express how she had worked through the hard time and how she remembered Linda. She read it to me, and I asked if I could share it. It is an eloquent expression of a young girl working through a difficult time and dealing with the death of a friend.

I hope you enjoy it.


World In Pink
By: Lydia Ren

When I think of Linda
I think of the color pink
Her favorite color
The color of her car
Color of her room
Color of her clothes
Color of her laptop, cup, shoes, and purse
She loved the color pink
If one didn’t know what to buy for her birthday
Buy something pink
Some would call her the “Pink Lady”
“Lady in pink”
“Lady with too much pink”
She was diagnosed with cancer
However, she had a wonderful husband
My family was her family
The Philippines were her family
Our church was her family
God was her family
And she was an inspiration to us all

Friday, the sky was setting in colors of orange and pink
My mother called my father to tell us, Linda has passed
Even though the sky was pink all I could think of was black
A black funeral, black clothes, heavy hearts, heavy minds
The world was in black and white
Tears were salty and food was bitter
I cried for an hour and went dead silent
I couldn’t believe it
In my mind she is still alive
In my heart she is still existing

My mother had an idea
She told Linda’s husband
“A pink funeral”
He agreed
The funeral was pink with flowers
Everyone dressed in pink
Everyone sang
It was sunny that day
I accepted her death
However, she stayed in my heart
I looked into the sky
Like God was saying “She’s here”
And Linda was saying “I’m here”
I think of her in heaven
In a pink house
Walking in pink shoes with a pink purse
Wearing pink clothes
Smiling with God

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  1. I have no trouble believing God made things pink for Linda! What a beautiful tribute to a friend!

  2. Mary Arlene M. Dumlao " Madol"

    In the Philippines, we call her Mom Linda, a sign of respect for people older than us. She was like a Mom to many of us. I called her a “pink lady” as well. It’s the same feeling that I have with her, she is physically alive. I got a lot of good memories with Mom Linda.

    • Still packing up things she had collected for projects, including the Philippines. I had someone come to me the other day, wondering if I had really worked through the grief of losing her. I have. As with any close brother or sister or spouse, I have moments where I remember things and they move me, but I know where she is and what she stood for in Him. I fam simply continuing what we had begun. But I do get neat reminders like Lydia’s poem that others had a hard time like me with her passing, yet, by His grace, worked it out. This life is not the end in Christ, so Lydia’s poem concludes the same thing. It was an honor to post it for her.

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