Love’s Reach

When the Holy Spirit deepens a sense of God’s love, it is inevitable that things begin to happen. I talked to Faylene a few months ago in the US about what had happened to me during the last Philippine trip. It was different than the previous five. As I discovered a little more of the depth of His unfailing love, it changed me but the change reached others. I reached where I had not reached before. It is emotional, but far beyond emotion. I watched it happen over and over again.

In the quiet of our Virginia home I told Faylene that it would probably happen to her.      It has.

First, the ladies would line up to hug her. Some drew close because of me, some because we were newly married, but now because something else is happening.

It is happening with the children. We went for a walk two nights ago. Two children joined, then four, then six.

It’s happening with some our friends on staff. It is like she had always been here.

Children visit us at our quarters. One at a time they would visit.  Then two, then three, then a bunch would come at once. Young girls would shyly begin to ask if they could just talk to Faylene alone for a few minutes. I know that happens. They look in her eyes and they simply begin to talk. A couple days ago she asked me a rhetorical question, “You knew this was going to happen, didn’t you?”

I shared this morning at a family’s house where hard things had happened less than a year ago. I was impressed to anoint the husband and wife, whom I love, and pray for them. The couple wanted the family/couple’s ministry group to meet at their home. Afterwards I shared a second time with my friends about how the Lord begins to speak and guide us to share with others. He had impressed  me that their walks were going to change a bit, and that it might change the meeting, too. They would start doing more or different things that would reach hearts that had not been reached before. They have love from Him to give.

It was not first time in recent weeks that this group had been told that the same thing. While I did not know it until a few days ago, the director the ministry where we are staying had told them the same thing a few weeks ago. After all, as I reminded them today, that is what love’s reach does when it touches Him.

After the meeting today one lady sat down with Faylene and wept about what the Lord was telling her to do. Faylene held her and prayed for her. They have only known each other from a few contacts in the last three weeks, but that thing is happening between Faylene and my friends, who are drawing close to her because of something in her. When we returned to our quarters, she says, “I love those ladies.”

No surprise. When love touches Him, things happen. They are not going to stop. We have people to touch that we don’t even know yet. I cannot stop it. It’s like a giant strong  river and we are in the middle of it. We are being carried by something much larger than us.

That is what love’s reach does when it comes from Jesus Christ. My presentation to a couple US churches months ago was simple in concept: love and obey. Faylene has done this before. Now it is happening again, and we are doing it together.

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  1. This is so powerful..I am weeping as I read. Love in action. Words are not necessary, because people feel our heart. When we are in tune with mighty God, then our heart is full of His love.
    Thank you for sharing this.

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