Love’s Door

My Bride explained to me that her heart was only so big. There were her children, her grandchildren, two little African children, and now the challenge of a new place with a Philippine family who I loved. The little conversation happened just six months ago. God has a way, however, to extend us. I did not engineer the change but I watched it happen over a few months at our mission station.

This morning is Valentine’s Day but it’s 12 hours away for our US family. Heart’s Day is a big deal in the Philippines —  both among children and adults. So, things are already happening in the school and preparations are underway for a special dinner for couples later in the week. But the single day celebration is so small compared to the impact of love when it is born from deep in the heart that is touched by the Almighty. It is the impact of that love being walked out that takes up much of each day for Faylene and me.

We were talking this morning about some of those I love, and now she loves. It is hard not to hug them and speak to them and influence them to know their Creator every time we see them. And, this morning showed the change in Faylene in a tiny way. A call came from the US from one she loves dearly, but there was a gentle knock at the door as the phone was ringing. It was a very little child — one without a mom and dad, without grandparents, and with a jarring past. She did not say anything; she just looked at Faylene, held out her hand, and waited. She wanted to take a walk with her again. She cannot even speak English, but she knows the pull of wanting an older mom. She came on her own and quietly. So, Faylene took her hand and asked her caller if she could not call back a little later.

My gift this Heart’s day is the one He recently gave me. Not only do I love her, I also get to watch what happens as she pulls from the Deep to love others. That, my friends, is a gift you cannot buy. I am blessed to be moving forward with her.

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  1. dan and martha ann

    And I dear Roland and Faylene are richly blessed to watch your love grow. A three strand cord is not easily broken. Roland treasurer this rare and beautiful jewel the LORD has given you. Her words of wisdom showed me a new way of thinking and loving. Her prayers have touched my heart many times. Walk with God in all His Glory as you both pour out on those He has given you to love

  2. Hi Roland, just visit the website, now subsribing for more inspirational articles!

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