Love’s Cleansing Power

HIS TOUCH. When my soul is hungry for the touch of God, I am more apt to listen and receive whatever He might do. Suffering from loss is not something I am able to dismiss quickly or lightly, but it has caused me to reach for Him in a deeper way. It is now a little over four months since the closest one to me went to be with the Lord. I can quietly proclaim that He is able to find us during such times.

HIS TOUCH DURING WORSHIP. I sing to the Lord privately quite often. I have since the early days of being born again by the Spirit of God. I have learned not to stop worshipping in difficult times. So during the recent time, I also continued. I do not order His presence, but He frequently comes. Sometimes He comes quietly and I know His peace. Sometimes it is more dramatic, and I find myself crying out. However He comes, He cleans and settles things deep within.

HIS TOUCH IN THE WORD. Daily devotions in the Bible have been a part of being a disciple of Christ. I do it during dry times when the soul is parched or times when meditating on His word is like swimming in a river of wisdom, knowledge, and love — all at the same time. When He settles my heart during a time in the Word, His touch has that peace and clarity that, like worship, cleanses the soul. It does not happen every time, but it does happen. It is evidence of His love.

THE WITNESS OF FRIENDS. There is power in meeting among believing friends. Their witness of His love in hard circumstances, as we speak of them together,  settles our souls. I understand, then, that we are washed and cleansed by the same God, whose love reaches deep as it always has. He is aware of our frailty.

THE COMING FULNESS. During the last few months I have found anew that God knows me. His unfailing love, as Psalm 119:76 states, is my comfort. Amid so many circumstances I find that I am dull and unresponsive, but there are those special times and ways He has shown me his love in worship, the word, and through friends in Christ. These touches of His love are a reminder that something else is coming. There will be fullness of His love and life one day. The image below shows a dawn morning. Before the sun rises you only see a hint of what is to come when the sunlight is fully revealed. So it is as we see His love is made known to us in part and during various circumstances in a broken world. The real substance of an eternal day that is full of His light and His love has yet to come, but it will happen. Such is the promise of His unfailing love, and also a motivation to be steadfast as disciples, sharing and being a witness of the Good News.


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  1. Roland Beard is an inspiration as I see God’s light beam from his countenance !

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