Live Comfortable–Live Poor

linda-ligaya-hugLove costs. That is, real love in a biblical sense, costs. There is a parable in this picture. It looks harmless enough. A Filipino lady is hugging an older grey-haired lady. You don’t see their faces, but you do see the sentiment. They are attached in their task as they are watching some young girls work a worship routine with some new flags.

But there is a parable that is not apparent. My wife is the grey haired lady. The trip to the Philippines was hard for her as well as me. She had to use a walker most of the time. She visited the hospital because her blood counts took a dive. She was fatigued all the time and had constant trouble with her bowels. Why not stay home and be comfortable? After all, living comfortably and safe is better, isn’t it? To get to the place where this picture was taken required a lot of effort and multiple trips. Each one has gotten harder. But the pay-off is love expressed. These two love each other, and love the children they work with.

To love deeply, as expressed in the Bible, is almost always in terms of action toward others. Love from Christ cuts into being comfortable because it means you will love another more than being concerned for your own needs. If that axiom or premise was not active, Linda would never have been in this scene.

God opens doors for believers to be active in love, to care for those who are out of our comfort zone. The recipients are usually not in the comfortable place, or at least not near an easy chair. One has to be willing to obey, to care, to love  deeply, and to get off the chair as well as out of the average house and church to do it. You must remember, you did not choose where you live. The needs “out there” are still present and waiting for tangible expressions of love that have depth and teeth: the kind Christ gives through disciples. It requires workers (those not willing to remain in safety and comfort).

If Linda can do it, you can. It is better to be uncomfortable and rich in Christ than rich with comfort and poor in Christ, which is the gist of more than a few books of the new testament.

If you don’ t know the Savior who motivates such a lifestyle, contact me. I would love to talk to you. So would Linda.


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  1. Very dedicated lady to Christ. Out our church there is a number of missionaries in the Philippines.
    Will remember you both in my prayers to God.

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